Squiggle Doodle
Squiggle Doodle - Permanent Fabric Markers

Squiggle Doodle - Permanent Fabric Markers

We manufacture these fabulous markers! Only the best for little hands and their creations. These non-toxic markers are perfect for both cotton and canvas surfaces. It stays vibrant even after a couple of washes.

Squiggle Doodle marker set consists of 7 colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Black.

Bulk purchase welcome. Email or text to inquire.

When using the Markers:
1. Squiggle, Doodle, Draw and Colour.
2. Ink may bleed through fabric, to avoid, insert sheets of papers between layers.
3. To prevent smudging, wait 1 minute for ink to dry before touching.
4. Heat set: Set an iron to cotton setting. Iron the reverse side of your creation using a back and forth motion for about 4 minutes.
5. OR let the ink dry for at least 12 hours before washing.
6. Always recap markers as soon as possible.
7. Use with adult supervision.