Squiggle Doodle
Small Gems Shoe Set

Small Gems Shoe Set

  • Gems set comes in 24 pieces of sweet treats.
  • They are good on our bags, pencil case or shoes.
  • Small gems set comes in two selections - Jellybeans and Marshmallows (click scroll arrow on photo to view)
  • They are sufficient to cover the front top area of our shoes, with some excess to keep.
  • Smaller shoes sizes (size 22 to 28) may be good with Small gems set. It is however, a personal preference!
  • UHU glue may be used to stick these gems on fabric. It's safer for kids to handle too.
  • Glue gun may be used with adult supervision.
  • Allow 24 hours of drying before wear.
*While the gems selection is closely shown in the pictures, there may be variations in colours or replacements if any of the gems run out.

24.90 SGD