Squiggle Doodle
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Squiggle Doodle is all about wearable fabric art! With little and big designers in mind, it is a crafted space to inspire kids and parents in creating their own fashion statement on shoes, tees, pencil cases, bags and even baby bodysuits!

Drawing on fabric can be more challenging than on papers. It takes an exploration of light, strong and repeated strokes to achieve the desired design. Make it easier by sprinkling in some confidence and patience.


  • Consider sketching lightly with a pencil first. Not to worry, it comes off after washes.
  • Planning is the key. An eraser will not do any correction after using markers and paint. It's a good time to train that confidence.
  • If it is an irreversible squiggle, turn it into a beautiful doodle!
  • Our Doodle baby bodysuits and tees set come in a pair. Play that extra chance!
  • Sometimes simplicity is beauty. We may not need fancy ideas. 
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  • If freehand drawing is highly challenging, consider creating your own stencils.
  • Use a cardboard, draw a desired shape or picture and cut the outline.
  • Clip or tape it over the fabric. Outline, Draw and Colour! 
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  • There is a wide array of printable floating around.
  • Choose one that is easy to get on a tee or bodysuit. Usually a simple drawing.
  • Clip or tape the printable between the tee or bodysuit.
  • Trace over and colour! 
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  • We manufacture the markers because we seek only quality for kids and on fabric.
  • Fabric markers and paint are permanent and water-resistant. Put on an art apron for extra caution.
  • Fabric markers and paint are non-toxic.
  • For even colouring, or if there is a bigger area to colour,  the paint may be of easier usage.
  • Explore all mediums of drawing and colouring!
  • After drawing, painting and colouring, leave dry for 24 hours before washing.
  • Alternatively, you may heat set the ink with an iron. Set the iron to cotton setting. Iron the reverse side of your creation using a back and forth motion for about 4 minutes. 

Flaunt the creation! Tag (@squiggledoodle) and hashtag (#squiggledoodle) your child's creation on our Instagram and Facebook (@squiggledoodlesg). We want to admire!